a girl like me... "I can and I will, watch me" dry-erase calendar

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This beautiful glass, dry-erase calendar is perfect for any girls room or office! Keep track of schedules, plan ahead, and get organized every month with the dry-erase convenience. These are made of high quality heavy duty tempered glass and come in 18"x24" or 24"x36"and include 4 stainless steel mounting standoffs.

So... this girl is Determined... with a capital D. She has her walkin' shoes on, her highly intelligent brain tuned to overload, and she is on her way to playing BIG. She is a bit scared (although no one would ever notice), but she is using that "scared" to fuel her forward. She knows deep within, that she's got this... no matter what... so, I highly recommend staying out of her way. Go BIG or go home, right?!